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Welcome to Amazing Computers! We thank you for taking interest in our site. We have tried very hard to include as much information here as possible but if you still require more, please head on down to the contact us section and give us a buzz.

About Us

Amazing Computers started in 2012 with the aim to provide the latest technology at competitive prices. The journey has been incredible and within 3 years we have expanded even more.

We’re proud to be one of the companies that take their clients’ needs and ensures that everyone is met. We love what we are doing so we’ll never stop.

Our range of products has grown with our progress and we’re happy to say that we have a very high standard about quality products. Every product you but is of upmost perfection and won’t let you down.

Our name speaks for itself every time, because at Amazing Computers you won’t get anything but amazing service. That’s our promise to you.


Great service, Great Prices, it just doesn’t get any better. I would recommend Amazing Computers to anyone wanting top quality products at the lowest prices.

Johan de Beer

Amazing Computers has the best prices on most of their products. Their level of service is fantastic and if they don’t have something they’ll find it. I can recommend them to the individuals or businesses looking for a hassle free IT Experience.

Henco Steenkamp

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Get fast, affordable and reliable web and email hosting today! Visit our hosting website for more information and pricing.


Networking Installations

Networking Installations

Got a bunch of computers that needs some networking magic? Then you’re at the right magician. We can wave our technical wand and impress you with our quality installs.


Virus Removals

Virus Removals

Has your PC caught a virus? Can’t remove that stubborn virus with your current anti-virus?

Bring it to us and we’ll take care of it.

PC and Notebook maintenance

PC and Notebook maintenance

If your PC is not performing the way it should then you are likely in need of some maintenance.

For a little fee you can get your PC performing the way it was built to.

Is your notebook getting hot and shutting down? It might be that your fan is clogged with dust.

We can help by cleaning any clogged vents and fans, both for Desktops and Notebooks.


Hardware and Software Sales

Hardware and Software Sales

We sell popular brands like Dell, HP, Samsung, Microsoft, AVG and many more.

PC and Notebook repairs to most brands

PC and Notebook repairs to most brands

We do quality PC and Notebook diagnostics to your computer.

Our expert service technicians are trained to handle any situation.


We offer fast and reliable webhosting at a very competitive price!

Visit our hosting website to find out more.